Photography Workshops for Moms in the Fort Worth area COMING SOON!

Community Over Competition

I am member of the Fort Worth, Texas chapter of the Rising Tide Society. It's a community of creative entrepreneurs who embrace the spirit of community over competition. Basically, sharing what we know without fear. I'm participating in October's business planning challenge, and this week is all about goal setting, both personal and professional. I've dreamed more about my future and the future of Mom Photo Balm this week than I have in a long time!

Often, we have not because we ask not... right? I know that our words have power and I want that energy behind my dreams; but it's taking a ridiculous amount of courage to type out a professional goal for 2018. You can hear me nervously give breath to a dream for about 5 minutes on my radio station (it'll disappear after 24 hours). 

Photography Workshops for Moms

There. It's in black and white. I've put it out there. I don't want to just stay behind this screen. I want to be able to hug you, sit with you, and speak with you in person! In 2018, I will officially open the doors for the much anticipated Motherhood Photography Workshops.

IMG_8296 Mom Photo Balm.jpg

One of the first things many photography schools and workshops will encourage you to do is remove your "mom goggles." As mothers, we can be told our rose colored, love-filled ideas of our children can cloud our photographic eye. While I know and understand the technical foundations of photography (and we will absolutely discuss that at the workshop), I have come to realize the true power of this art is driven by emotion! Leave those "mom goggles" on... it will make you a better photographer! Trust me.

You can create heartfelt photos with your own camera!

You'll learn how to better photograph, not just what you see, but how you feel.

I'm incredibly excited about 2018! More information will be rolling out soon. I'd be honored to meet you and help you take better pictures to document your own life's story. After all...

Friendship is the finest balm,