Are selfies important or just self-indulgent?

Getting in front of the camera is hard. Selfies are awkward. As a Momma who’s incredibly insecure about my own appearance, taking a picture of myself is anything but self-indulgent. I am pushing myself to record my life, just as it is, and find the beauty in every shot. 

I am determined to leave visual evidence of my existence.  



And 10, 20, 30 years from now, when you and your children look back at these good ol’ days YOU NEED TO BE IN THE PHOTOS, too!  Your life is significant and deserves to be documented. Get in front of your own camera this week (use a timer/tripod/remote)... You got this, beautiful!

I’d be thrilled if you SHARE your self portrait in the comments of this Facebook post! 

We’re in this motherhood journey together.  

Friendship is the finest Balm,

P. S. I’ve got a BIG announcement coming soon!