What's in your hand?

God actually asked Moses this same question (Exodus 4:2). All Moses had in his hand was a rod... a stick.

So... what's in your hand? I mean LITERALLY.

A crayon? Pen? Pencil? Paint bush? Instrument? Ball? Computer keyboard/mouse? Phone? Book? Spatula? Broom? Lawn mower? Your child?

Use that

This is exactly what Mom Photo Balm is... me using what's in my hand...

For Him.

Just today, I read on Instagram about how so many Christians are just "taking care of their own"... Ouch! Convicting. I am guilty of this very thing. Help me, Lord, to make Mom Photo Balm as a city set on a hill, shining the Light of Jesus to ALL.  


I've discovered how to access this healing Balm through the art of photography. My heart's desire is to share this ointment with all who will come. Your story is worth documenting; it's worth sharing. I can help you do this with beauty, grace, and Truth.

I look forward to exchanging our kindred stories on Facebook & Instagram.  Meet y'all there!

Friendship is the finest balm,