May is Awareness Month for both Celiac Disease and Lupus.

I only know this because I have a son who was diagnosed with celiac eight years ago & I was diagnosed with lupus 17 months ago.  When we meet someone for the first time, our autoimmune diseases are invisible to our new acquaintances.

With multiple systems of our bodies affected day-to-day, it's often difficult for us to explain how we are feeling.  We fear we are complaining too much & are "always sick"... yet, we know what "sick" feels like and we're thankful we're doing better most days.  

Trying to accept, understand, and manage life-long diseases has felt like a constant ingesting and digesting of an over-abundance of information.  I'm constantly on my guard against gluten and environmental variables that effect my own health and the wellness of my family.

Photography has allowed me to exhale. 

95% of the time, I choose to shoot in monochrome mode or convert my images to black and white in post processing.  Removing color minimizes distractions and allows me to focus on the emotion.  I analyze the context and mood of a black and white image more carefully than I do one of color.  I become entranced by the details of shape, texture, shadow, and light - the composition of these elements playing music to my soul as instruments in a symphony. Recognizing the power of expression in photography was a pivotal point in my personal life. This power is the balm I wish to share more in depth at the workshop.    

YOU are not invisible.

Let's connect & exchange kindred stories on Instagram & Facebook. You are seen. You are heard. 

Friendship is the finest balm,