All and Each

"I love all of them and each of them." That's what I said on the phone today. I was referring to my children, but now I'm thinking about how that applies to photography (and other aspects of life... but let's stick with photography in this post). I truly cherish all of my photos, and value each of them.

I often analyze what it is exactly that attracts me to a particular photo more than another. Is it the depth-of-field? The motion blur? The starburst? The golden sunshine? The color? The absence of color? The composition? The light? The shadows?

You know what wins me over every single time? Any photo that tells a story with...


(Photos taken shortly after the birth of my niece, Emma Claire. 2015)

I want to hear/see all the stories and feel each emotion! You and I were each created with a living soul; the soul is where we feel kindred & sacred truths as we share our journeys. 

Mom Photo Balm exists to help you create storytelling photographs that document your own life with deeply heartfelt connection.

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Friendship is the finest balm,