Understanding Photography

What do you want to photograph?

Your house? Your environment? Your dog? Your food? Your children? Yourself?

Why do you want to take those pictures?

To remember? To share? To document?

Okay. I get it. I've even said similar answers. Yet, if I dig just a little deeper, I think it comes down to what C.S. Lewis said.

"We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand."

That's precisely why I photograph much of what I do... to understand.

There is a biblical pattern I've found. When seeking wisdom in life (as the book of Proverbs instructs us), you should have an understanding of how to use that wisdom. In order to have understanding, you must first be knowledgeable.

Knowledge > leads to > Understanding > which leads to > Wisdom

In life, I want to be wise. (Although, more times than I'd like to admit, I'm just plain foolish.)

I want to be a wise Momma. Going back to my original question, primarily, in my day to day living, I want to photograph my children. I want to know them & understand them each individually so that I can parent them wisely.

I want to be a wise steward of the things God has given me. I know He has given me the gift of understanding behind my camera. That is why Mom Photo Balm is even here!

Mom Photo Balm is here because I know motherhood. I understand so much of what you feel, kindred Momma. My camera is the tool I use to try and make sense of this bittersweet journey. It helps me slow down and study the child I'm photographing. I notice their skin, their hair, their eyes, their expressions, their emotions, their pain, their joy, their fears, their strength. I see it all through my viewfinder. This is my spiritual gift.

So what do I do with all of this?

Well, I no longer want to be as the servant in Matthew 25 who went and hid his one talent. 

This little light of mine - this perspective on life that God's given me - I'm gonna let it shine here at Mom Photo Balm!

I will teach you, dear Momma, how to know & understand what's in front of your lens. It starts with basic knowledge of how your camera works, which buttons and dials do what, and how to take a decent photo. Once you grasp that technical foundation, I'll be able to explain more about how to compose your images and position yourself to clearly tell your story and express how you feel. If you're ready to dig deep and really understand all of this, the how & the why, you should be at the next workshop!

If you're interested in hosting or attending a Mom Photo Balm WORKSHOP, especially in the Alvarado / Burleson / Cleburne / Grandview area of North Texas, please email me. Kat@MomPhotoBalm.com

In the meantime, let's connect and exchange stories on Facebook & Instagram.  After all...

Friendship is the finest balm,