How will you spend 1,440 minutes today?

Would you agree that nothing is more valuable than time? We all have the exact same amount of time each day, yet we each get to determine how we will spend it. A particular line I read in an article on last week has stuck with me & prompted me to try something new this week.

"You must master your minutes to master your life."

24 hours or 1,440 minutes?

Same thing, right? Well, Forbes suggests that highly productive people toss out to-do lists altogether, and instead schedule their days into 15-minute increments, rather than hours or half hours. 

Great! How is this practical for moms? 

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Have you ever said or thought, "My kids are growing up too fast! Where has the time gone?"

You get it. You can't go back in time. But, be encouraged dear Momma, you can redeem it!

How can you redeem time?

Barnes explains that redeeming means buying back, and then setting free from bondage. Have you ever felt like a slave to the clock? Day after day, diaper after diaper, dish after dish, load after load of laundry, night after night... the hustle, the work, the energy that goes into motherhood! At the risk of sounding dramatic here, that routine can sometimes feel like bondage. After years of following the same pattern, you might find yourself looking back and wondering where all the time went? 

While it's true, you cannot go back in time, you can redeem what time you still have. 

Quality over quantity

Perhaps you work outside the home. Have you ever felt guilty about spending time away from them? Stop it. You hear me? Right now.

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Of course you love & adore your children! And they obviously love you. But there will be times when other commitments take you away from them. Hear this - it is not necessarily about the amount of time you're with them each day, but the quality of time you spend together that truly matters!

You redeem the time by rescuing or recovering it from waste to improve it for great and important purposes. I urge you to prayerfully consider what your core values & beliefs are as an individual and as a mother. Then, prioritize your day to reflect those values & beliefs. 

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

Schedule time each day to unplug (cell phone, tv, computer, etc.) and truly connect with your kids - even if it's just 15 minutes. Do you realize how much impact you could have on your children if you just gave them 15 minutes of your absolute, undivided attention? Let's do it. Start today. Put it on your calendar everyday for the rest of the week.

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Time is the most valuable and precious gift you can give. Thank you for chosing to spend a few of your minutes here with me today. After all...

Firnedship is the finest balm,