011 - What does shampoo have to do with photography?

Is you hair dull, lackluster, thinning, or breaking? You need this safe, naturally based, anti-aging hair care line - for the whole family! Listen to hear why Iโ€™m excited about how MONAT is changing my hair & photography while helping me achieve my dreams!

010 - How to humbly homeschool multiple grade levels

As Momma to four school-age boys, figuring out the logistics of how to divide my time & attention to each of their lessons proved difficult. A lesson in humility helped me utilize technology & community with gratitude, not guilt.

009 - Value your story enough

I'm still finding my way with this whole podcast thing. I don't want to waste your time; I want to provide valuable content that builds your confidence as a photographer & mother. But before that can happen, you must value your story enough to document it well. Thanks for listening to this quick "brain dump" as I give a personal update.

008 - Are you drowning?

Do you struggle with being able to see the hand of God in your daily life? Is it difficult to see the beauty in the mundane, or even the mirror? Listen to hear more about where this battle is actually being fought, who is attacking you with these lies, and how you can begin to overcome that feeling of inadequacy.