What to do when you let your child down

Just this past weekend, I could see it in my boy's eyes and hear it in his voice - he was disappointed in me. I had let him down. Oh, the heartache!

IMG_7611 Mom Photo Balm.jpg

Surely, I'm not the only one to drop the ball? Is there a Balm for a Momma's heart in this situation? I mean, what should you do?

Here are three actionable steps to take on the path to healing and restoration:

  1. Humble yourself.
  2. Admit fault.
  3. Ask forgiveness .

And then, the most important part, extend Grace.

Extend yourself Grace, Momma.

Don't beat yourself up. You're not a failure.

Less guilt; more Grace.

Hug that kid. Reassure him of your love. 

Shake off the dust & keep going. Hold your head high & smile - you're doing the best you can!

And that is more than enough.

Grace is the Balm.

You & me - we're in this motherhood thing together.